Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What to buy for England

I am blogging about my trip to England AGAIN- just because I'm obsessed :) And I've written down a list of clothes that I want to buy before hand.  It's going to be freezing, so I've bought generally warm items of clothing:

2 leather skirts: black and tan
1 black, long coat
1 fur coat
1 shearling coat
3 jumpers: brown, red, black
2 military jackets: blue and black
2 leather jackets
3 blazers: 2 black and white
1 fur hat
1 mittins
4 skinny jeans: black, blue, mustard, khaki
3 silk blouses: white, black, navy, coloured
basics v- necktshirts: white, black, coloured, striped
1 basic long sleeves: navy
1 black, ankle boots
1 black, knee- high boots
1 black heeled booties
1 black non- heeled booties
1 wool stockings/ socks
1 new black bag
1 new black clutch

any suggestions?

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