Thursday, October 27, 2011

Style Inspiration no. 9: Candice Swanepoel

I'm always adament about saying that a model is a style inspiration, mainly because i don't want to admit that they're perfect- good looks and good taste! that's why as you can see, there are NO models in my list of style inspirations in the column on the left hand side of my blog!
But there's a first for everything- and Candice Swanepoel is that first :)
Her style is so easy, breezy, fresh and perrrfecttt- She's amaaazzzzzing !!

(Also, I'm aware that there are a couple repeated pictures- photos which I've uploaded before in previous posts, but I think they're necessary to place in this post as well, just to show how great she is at putting her outfits together !!!)

Morning dose of Street Style

this should be enough to last you the dayy :)

Country Road Tab Sleeve Shirt

So a couple weeks back, I bought the country road tab sleeve shirt in a navy (seen below) 
I have no idea why, when I picked it up i thought it looked nice but when I tried it on, it just didn't look right.....nevertheless, I bought it! 

I realised when I had returned home, the reason why I didn't like it was because the collar area (or should I say, collar- less) made me look like a minister or something!

BUT yesterday, I came upon these pictures of Miranda Kerr looking gorgeous in a very similar top in a khaki colour! And it gave me faith in the fact that while things may not look particularly nice or flattering on its own, it can be styled in a way that allows you be look chic and sophisticated- so that you end up pulling it off! (of course.. it doesn't hurt if your a supermodel- then everything looks good)

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