Saturday, April 30, 2011

I love Embellishment

leighton meester <3

embellished dresses/ bodice

embellished jackets

olivia palermo <3

And I want this top:

Miss Selfridge 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding (as it happens)

6 pm: my friend is holding a celebration dinner party and as we dine on cavier and champagne, we plan on watching every minute of the royal wedding!
pictures from this event will be uploaded in following posts

8pm: I knew itttttt!! Her dress was Mcqueen! i won $5 from a bet ;)
 i think she looks amazing! kate middleton (no sorry, princess catherine) was so beautiful and skinny and just AMAZING!

after thoughts: 10pm onwards
Pippa also looked so good, as did Kate's mum!  and The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were awesome.. as usual!!
but most amazing (after Kate) was Harrrrrrrrrrrrry <3
it sucks that Williams bald at the age of 28... 30?
and david beckham looked great, per usual.. although he and victoria were seated near the back- even ian thorpe was seated closer to the front
also, it was kind of awkward when the ring didn't go on properly
and the best moment was when kate was almost at the altar and william wasn't allowed to turn around but harry was looking and like whispered, she looks amazing, wait till you see her
the grossest people were princesses eugenie and beatrice- they looked like cinderella's ugly step sisters

the kiss wasn't as great as i'd expected.. it twas way too short and pecky haha .. but cute nonetheless
i also realised how amazing the internet is- it literally updates every second
ps all my photos are from

now: 11:06pm
overall, watching today was awesome! i just wish i was kate though
she's actually the luckiest girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HSC Exam Timetables 2011

They're officially been uploaded!! 
the bolded ones are my exams!
i'm pretty happy with how mine have been spaced out.. except for maybe the non- existent gap between english ext 1 and modern, and also the fact that art so happens to always be one of the last exams
but other than that ... I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE 9TH NOVEMBER! OMG!!!

17th Oct-Business Studies
18th Oct-English adv/standard paper 1, IPT
19th Oct-English adv/standard paper 2
20th Oct-Engineering Studies
24th Oct-Mathematics, Extension II Mathematics
25th Oct-General Mathematics
26th Oct-Extension I Mathematics, SOR I/II
27th Oct-Ancient History
28th Oct-Biology, Economics
31st Oct-PDHPE, Extension I English
1st Nov-Modern History
2nd Nov-Chemistry, Music I/II
3rd Nov-Legal Studies, History Extension
4th Nov-Physics, Geography, CAFS
9th Nov-Visual Arts
11th Nov-Design & Technology
21st Nov-Earth & Environmental Science

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Yay! the trailer for the last Harry Potter movie EVER has come out! 
It actually looks so epic and intense!!!
.. although, i kind of feel really sad about it
i've pretty much grown with harry potter my whole life and now it's all coming to an end 

i'm particularly looking forward to the part when mrs weesley kills belatrix, as much as i love helena bonham carter
i also think voldemort is hot ! haha i love ralph fiennes
and i'm excited to see more of snape... although he dies :(

Gucci Fall 2011

I still really love these dresses- the Red Petal Stoles- from Gucci's Fall 2011 Collection
not including the left ... more so the middle and the right ones

i would love it if they sold just the top half though as a top- because not everyone can pull off a maxi, let alone a sheer maxi

I also like blair waldorf/ leighton meester's top below:


it's got a similar feel to the gucci sheer maxis
i KIND of have a top like it ... only by like 20% alikeness
but i'm looking for a red/ colour one like the ones gucci has.. only cheaper and in a top version
i am on the hunt now ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zara has finally arrived!

Zara is finally in Sydney, Australia on Pitt Street, CBD, Westfield! 
definitely want to go check it out soon

it was open for a sneak preview for the press today, but officially opens tomorrow, 20th April! 

the only issue is that now, everyone is going to be wearing zara- so everyone will look the same, wearing the same thing etc. 

nevertheless, it's exciting!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shoes glorious shoes

Here is my LUSH closet full of my amazing heels !! 
They are my prized possessions

I added to the collection today with the pair below 
(and centre in the bottom row of the top photo):

Now I'm just hoping that in the future, it will continue to grow .. into this :)

Love . Fur

Monday, April 11, 2011

Awesome houses

I want a small getaway in every famous city and in every landscape possible! Soooooo,....

one on the beach

one in the city

and one in the woods

My Polyvore

My polyvore sets were in the top 5000 most viewed!! 
here are a couple of my more recent sets.

Baking Project

yayyyy i made meringues today from scratch! yessss i know it's easy, just some egg whites and sugar etc. but it's a big achievement for me because I can't bake/ cook to save my life really
also, last time i tried to make meringues, they completely collapsed while they were in the oven.. but today's are just the right firm-ness, glossy and crunchy (although they're a little sticky..)
yayyyyy achievement!! even my family liked it (my brother gave it a 9/10)

the picture doesn't make it look as appeatising as it really is..
but that's only because of the bad colour editing and bad camera resolution
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