Friday, March 11, 2011

End of the world II

With 373 'natural' disasters killing over 296, 800 people in 2010, it is undeniable that an apocalypse is POTENTIALLY coming closer.  I'm not saying that everyone will die in 2012, BUT what i am saying is that something bad which is going to change the world we know it as today is going to happen.. im guessing by 2012..
 Because of the following list below:

Aflockalypse (animal mass death events)

Recently there have been so many animal deaths which completely FREAK me out the most, because we all know that in all the movies etc. it is the animals which know first- they either run away or die!

March 3 2010: Largest Whale die- off on record
December 2010: 83000 dead drum fish washed up aolng Arkansas River
New Years 2010/2011: 3000-5000 dead red winged blackbirds fell from sky in Beebe, Arkansas
Jan 2011: 300 dead birds fell from sky in Louisiana (and also in Kentucky)
Jan 2011: More deads falling from sky in Sweden
Jan 2011: 100 blackbirds dropped out of sky in New Zealand
Jan 2011: 2 million fish dead in Chesapeake
Jan 2011: 40000 dead Devil crabs washed ashore in Kent 
Jan 3 2011: 100 tons of dead fish washed ashore on the Brazilian coast
Jan 3 2011: 500 starlings, red- winged blackbirds and sparros fell dead in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana
Jan 3 2011: 2 million dead fish found floating in Maryland, USA
Jan 5 2011: hundreds of dead turtle doves in Faenza, Italy
Jan 8-9 2011: hundreds of dead birds found clustered together on a California Highway
Jan 8-9 2011: thousands of dead gizzard shad (type of fish) turned up in the harbors of Chicago
Jan 14 2011: 200 dead cows found in field in Stockton, Wisconsin 
Jan 17 2011: hundreds of dead seals in Labrador
Jan 17 2011: hundreds of crows dead in Romania
Jan 17 2011: hundreds of pelicans dead in Jacksonville, FL
Jan 20 2011: 55 buffalo dead in Cayunga County farm, New York
Jan 20 2011: hundreds of death birds in Colorado
Jan 20 2011: Hundreds of bird in South Dakota
Jan 21 2011: dozens of dead blackbirds, mallards, magpies near Beijing
Jan 21 2011: 7000 Buffalo and cattle die in Vietnam
Jan 22 2011: Hundreds of Eider Ducks found dead in Norway
Jan 22 2011: Hundreds of penguins in Wellington, New Zealand
Jan 23 2011: 75 dead starlings in Croxley, UK
Jan 25 2011: Dead herring wash ashore in Cedar, Canada
March 7 2011: millions of small fish (anchovies, sardines, mackerel) dead at Redondo Beach, California

there are just SO many more i could have written down but as I try to write it all down... it freaks me out all the more so i've stopped at just 28 in the past YEAR .. theres another 50 to go
With the recent JAPANESE TSUNAMI, here is a list of all the major tsunamis to ever occur in the world.  It's true (as it shows) that tsunamis have been going on for YEARS, right from before 1000 AD. BUT the point is that is that the number of times have INCREASED over the centuries is what we have to note. It used to be 5 in 1000 years, 11 in 50 years and now 10 in 10 years - and still counting!


the temperature is rapidly becoming more and more intense, especially in Australia.  With at least 3 heatwaves in the past 6 months, it's really quite scary- especially when the length of these heatwaves are going on for longer than it used to be.  what would usually be a heatwave for a period of 3-4 days, is now exceeding a week into 8-10 days. 

SUMMER 2010/2011
December 2010
SA: warmest day: 45.6/ warmest night: 29.8
WA: warmest day: 47.6 / warmest night: 32.1
NT: warmest day:  44.1/ warmest night: 26.6
QLD: warmest day: 43.2 / warmest night: 29.0
VIC: warmest day:  43.3/ warmest night: 22.6
NSW: warmest day:  44.0/ warmest night: 25.9

January 2011
SA: warmest day: 48.5/ warmest night: 34.2
WA: warmest day: 28.4 / warmest night: 31.9
NT: warmest day:  46.4/ warmest night: 31.6
QLD: warmest day: 47.4 / warmest night: 31.8
VIC: warmest day:  42.2/ warmest night: 26.5
NSW: warmest day:  45.8/ warmest night: 29.6

there is much more evidence, including floods, droughts, fire, cyclones etc. -just way too many to write down completely! 
the scary thing is that once these events happen, it doesn't stop there- as we saw with the Japanese Tsunami March 2011, after the earthquake came the tsunami, after that were whirlpools, then effects on the nuclear plants

conclusion: SO SCARY
i haven't included any pictures cuz that would freak me out all the more


AK said...

1. i am very impressed with all you research!
2. totally agree. mum and i had a total freak out about this yesterday.

hi im an alien said...

haha yeh i got a little bit obsessed .. could never do all that research now, i'm so cbf
the worlds going to end anyway.. haha

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