Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sartorialist's choice: the bicycle

In a week and a bit I will be buying a bike to start me off for uni! Yes- a bike! I'm not too fussed anymore because no one has a car in canberra anyway and even if i had a car, I wouldn't be able to drive it because I have never gotten past my learner's permit. SO, my mode of transport will be the two wheeled invention we call a bike!
But I'm quite optimistic about this new ... experiment we could call it. Not only is it great exercise, but has forever been in style.  See for yourself ;)

Gossip Girl 100th Episode

I always told myself I would stop watching Gossip Girl's ridiculously story- lined episodes after I'd seen the 100th episode. But now that they actually revealed Gossip Girl's identity as Georgina Sparks, I'll probably have to keep watching ;)
But my question is, how are the writers and producers going to continue GG any longer? The one thing that kept it interesting for the past 5 years was the fact that we didn't know who Gossip Girl was ... and now that it's out ... I feel like the next 3 or 4 episodes will be great, but then come downhill all over again after that.
No longer is watching Blair and Chuck's relationship or revelling at Serena's amazing wardrobe or even bringing back Georgina or Jenny enough to keep this show going.

Meanwhile, lets talk fashion.  It is the episode of the Royal Wedding (i'm just going to add: ridiculous! Blair as Princess of Monaco? As much as I love her, this is just so far fetched) 
BUT the Royal Wedding-  Blair's Vera Wang (an Esther) was beautiful and no, Serena did not outshine the bride (although that pale pink and maxi length AND the fact that her Vera Wang is actually also a wedding dress!!!!! brings her a little too close to stealing Blair's thunder for my liking- sorry i just really dislike Serena)
But the other bridesmaid's dresses were the perfect .. bridesmaids dress! All three of them looking like the perfect minions and they also looked a little ridiculous- when I saw their large skirts all lined up together, the first thing I did was laugh. But yes, all I'm going to say is that they looked cute and thats wat a bridesmaid should be- NOT the spotlight (cough Serena)
All in all, it was a beautiful wedding but also a doomed one right from the start! IT is possibly like the show itself... it is obviously doomed to end in the near future, what with all its shitty plots and shitty characters. BUT the one undeniable truth is that Gossip Girl is truly beautiful to watch- the wardrobe has always been to die for and everyone always looks impeccable! And that's really all that matters .. doesn't it?

Tiffany and co. Keys

What is it about the tiffany- blue boxes which makes you feel so damn happy?! 
I have two such tiffany items: a necklace and a bracelet for my 16th and 18 birthday respectively and they are probably my most treasured pieces of jewellery! Now, I want to add to my "collection" with a Tiffany's key. But honestly, when I look at the catalogue, I don't even bother looking past the $200- $500 mark because they can get so ridiculously expensive.  So, out of the "cheaper" keys available, I am looking to get one of the following:

Also, here's the epitome of my idea of a dream
imagine waking up on Christmas to that! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

My love for denim

I am definitely more of a pants person and recently, I am moving away from the black skinny jeans and going for different neutral colours like khaki, tan, burgundy and also different prints! 
(actually correction- one print, the sass and bide leopard print)

Charlotte Olympia

Call me crazy but I actually think that Charlotte Olympia's shoes are nicer, classier and generally more fabulous than Louboutins themselves! I mean.. just look at these!!! The gold platform definitely rivals the red sole ;)
Dolly pumps
Lace- ups

Beauty in the details

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wedding Inspiration

all these photos are so beautiful- a true rustic wedding feel, particularly with the last two pictures! 

Beautiful Homes cont. 3

It is the last of my series of home decor posts... and it's ending with the bathroom! Whenever I'm in a clean bathroom which smells nice and is decorated with as much care as a bedroom, I feel so content with the world!

Beautiful Homes cont. 2

And now it's time to look at the finer details in a home.  My favourites: fabulously arranged shelves, textured pillows and framed designer bags !

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