Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Christian Louboutin you've outdone yourself

these heels are actually insane!! sure everyone woman likes an extra high heel but this is just ridiculously tall! at 8 inches, this christian louboutin was based on a ballet shoe and auctioned off to raise funds for the English National Ballet.  
They're actually quite wonderful!! With towering silk and Swarovski- encrusted heels, if they were say half the height at 4 or 5, (and if i had thousands of dollars at my disposal), i would buy them in a heartbeat

heres a ballerina giving them a 'go'

Monday, June 27, 2011

What is ALWAYS in your bag?

Black HTC Desire mobile phone
Ipad 2 with pink cover
Green Ipod mini
1 Blue Pen
1 Small Notepad
J'adore Perfume (small bottle)
Mac Extra Volume Mascara
Anna Sui Mirror
Souvenir lighter from Lyon, France
Black Kodak mini Camcorder
Back- up Jumper

One Teaspoon

I am frothing on this dress at the moment.  It's One Teaspoon's Black Lagoon Dress and it is quite lovely

Friday, June 24, 2011

Valedictory Dinner

Today is the first day of holidays and next term, in 3 weeks, will be my last term of school ever! So although that means HSC Trials etc. it also means that the valedictory dinner will be happening. Of course, some girls have already bought their dresses and although i'm not exactly looking at the moment, I am browsing through pictures of potential dresses. Of course, I would need to be a girl from Gossip Girl or something to actually be able to afford any of these, but I guess I can at least dream ;)

not too sure what label this dress is..
but it's the silk and rope dress in the film Hors de Pris




The beauty of internet shopping doesn't get much better than
With free shipping and some really nice dresses, I'm actually obsessed (although I can only shop from the Petite Range.) Below are on my list to buy at the moment:

Pique Chelsea Scalloped Shift Dress

French Connection Precious Gem Silk Mini Dress

Chiffon Kaftan dress

Cut Out Shift Dress
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