Monday, February 6, 2012

Inspiring Designer Packaging

I love it when fashion designers influence other aspects of the world such as the interior design world! Looking at a blogpost by Marcus Design, I loved the brands which had been chosen and the pictures which displayed the translation of fashion into interior decor art! 

We will start with, Hermes!

No one just keeps the product inside the box- the packaging itself is as precious as the item inside of it
Interior Design boxes inspired by Hermes 
A room inspired by Hermes' colour, orange 
Next, we have the iconic brand, Chanel

The classic design of the Chanel N5 perfume
Interior Design boxes inspired by Chanel
A room inspired by Chanel's clean black and white lines
And last but not least, Tiffany & co.

The Tiffany box with the white ribbon is also treasured like the item inside of it
Interior Design boxes influenced by Tiffany & co.
A room inspired by the Tiffany- blue colour


januarysublime said...

Oh gad, these are all so gorgeous.
Especially the Tiffany blue inspired items!!
I feel like a house redecoration is on the cards...!
JS xx

AK said...

loving all of the interiors! and i love your blog!

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