Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding (as it happens)

6 pm: my friend is holding a celebration dinner party and as we dine on cavier and champagne, we plan on watching every minute of the royal wedding!
pictures from this event will be uploaded in following posts

8pm: I knew itttttt!! Her dress was Mcqueen! i won $5 from a bet ;)
 i think she looks amazing! kate middleton (no sorry, princess catherine) was so beautiful and skinny and just AMAZING!

after thoughts: 10pm onwards
Pippa also looked so good, as did Kate's mum!  and The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were awesome.. as usual!!
but most amazing (after Kate) was Harrrrrrrrrrrrry <3
it sucks that Williams bald at the age of 28... 30?
and david beckham looked great, per usual.. although he and victoria were seated near the back- even ian thorpe was seated closer to the front
also, it was kind of awkward when the ring didn't go on properly
and the best moment was when kate was almost at the altar and william wasn't allowed to turn around but harry was looking and like whispered, she looks amazing, wait till you see her
the grossest people were princesses eugenie and beatrice- they looked like cinderella's ugly step sisters

the kiss wasn't as great as i'd expected.. it twas way too short and pecky haha .. but cute nonetheless
i also realised how amazing the internet is- it literally updates every second
ps all my photos are from

now: 11:06pm
overall, watching today was awesome! i just wish i was kate though
she's actually the luckiest girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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