Thursday, April 28, 2011

HSC Exam Timetables 2011

They're officially been uploaded!! 
the bolded ones are my exams!
i'm pretty happy with how mine have been spaced out.. except for maybe the non- existent gap between english ext 1 and modern, and also the fact that art so happens to always be one of the last exams
but other than that ... I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE 9TH NOVEMBER! OMG!!!

17th Oct-Business Studies
18th Oct-English adv/standard paper 1, IPT
19th Oct-English adv/standard paper 2
20th Oct-Engineering Studies
24th Oct-Mathematics, Extension II Mathematics
25th Oct-General Mathematics
26th Oct-Extension I Mathematics, SOR I/II
27th Oct-Ancient History
28th Oct-Biology, Economics
31st Oct-PDHPE, Extension I English
1st Nov-Modern History
2nd Nov-Chemistry, Music I/II
3rd Nov-Legal Studies, History Extension
4th Nov-Physics, Geography, CAFS
9th Nov-Visual Arts
11th Nov-Design & Technology
21st Nov-Earth & Environmental Science

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