Friday, April 8, 2011

Chef's Gallery

being the last day of school, I went out to dinner with a couple friends to this restaurant called Chef's Gallery. It's on 501 George Street, Sydney and quite possibly the best food i've had in a while! there was a long line outside waiting to be seated, and we thought that we would have to wait a while (they don't take bookings before hand).  BUT somehow, the lady at the front came to us and was like, table for 3? and we pretty much walked in, while ppl who were ahead of us in the line were left there! we don't quite know why, but it felt great! 
with no more than $30 each, we got a complete meal- we shared our dishes!- and i have never eaten till i was so full! 
below are pictures of what we ordered:

spicy noodles with chicken and vegetables

fried rice

pork buns (legendary)

beef (put them onto the 'pancakes' below and eat together)

prawn wantons

prawn and beef fried dumplings

then we went down to darling harbour and chilled :)


AK said...

that. looks. amazing!!!
can we go when i go to sydney??

hi im an alien said...

yessss definetely
and there's this other asain restaurant i'm going to next called mrs choos! i'll let you know if that place is also gooood!

AK said...

can't wait to visit those restaurants with you!

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