Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mulberry's new Travel Day Bag

Mulberry has added a new addition to their beautiful collection of classic English bags.  And the latest handbag is a part of the S/S 2012 Collection and hits stores mid- February. Celebrities, of course, already have their hands on this beautiful new bag- including Blake Lively- and it looks absolutely amazing!

Blake Lively in NYC

I am seriously considering waiting for the Mulberry Travel Bag to come out and buy that, rather than buy the Alexa bag. But then when I think even longer on it, I begin to be tempted by the other beautiful Mulberry bag, the Bayswater! AH! they're all so beautiful- this decision is way too difficult to make on my own! Which one out of these three?
Bayswater (left), Travel (centre), Alexa (right)

Mulberry's new line: Travel Bag's campaign with model Frida Gustavsson

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