Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Before they were famous

So I read this article on daily mail  then read a follow up article on harper's bazaar. And it is basically about how the casting agency COACD will be releasing Wild Things- an extensive collection of test shots, shot by Douglas Perrett between 2000- 2010. The collection features some of the most recognisable faces in fashion, captured before the fame.  But I don't think Wild Things is going to be released to the public... or something like that- so this is all we got:

First Impressions: They kept sending her over to hang out. I wasn't sure why, neither was she
First Impressions: Didn't get at first; her hair, her face
First Impressions: Didn't' like her; Found her very Barbie- like
First Impressions: Realized how young these kids are.  She needed a hug that day
First Impressions: We just connected in a nerdy bloggy kind of way; lots of staring and grunting sounds
First Impressions: Her first season, they begged her to do my shows.  Too tall.  She later did Balenciaga that season
First Impressions: Professional, in and out.  Class act
First Impressions: She would always do her castings with her blonde friend, another Aussie who would always get the job.  She never booked the jobs
First Impressions: Upbeat character, she seemed to have her eye on the big picture
Sorry- couldn't find Coco Rocha's First Impressions
Obviously Perrett's "first impressions" about a lot of the models are totally wrong!! Firstly, Abbey Lee is amazing and is one of the most coveted models at the moment. Then, Candice Swanepoel is Victoria Secret's favourite model at the moment and definitely NOT a mere barbie- like face. And Miranda Kerr is one of the most beautiful people in the world!! But they did Liu and Rosie's totally right!! ;)
I want to see the rest of them!! Gah - sometimes I wish I wasn't a part of the "public" haha

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