Friday, February 10, 2012

Mulberry Bayswater

Yesterday, I bought the amazing, most beautiful, always stylish, forever the best bag in the world! No, not a Birkin .. but a Mulberry Bayswater! It costs an eye watering price of between $1400- $1600 depending on the type of leather you buy! But it is so totally worth every cent. I absolutely love it and immediately, my OCD need to keep it pristine has kicked in- with me keeping it inside the cloth bag it came with every night! I don't have good quality photos from my own iPhone so I've just uploaded the one from Mulberry's website! I just had to dedicate a post to my beautiful new bag- it is the love of my life.. at this point in time!

And what was also super cute was the Valentine's Day 'gift' they gave the customers with each buy- it was a pink and white hard boiled candy around 10-15 cm, long and 2-3 cm thick and had Mulberry and their logo stamped in it. It was not only a nice gesture but also tasted soooo good! 
Then as I was looking at their new season advertisement, I realised that they were in the campaign itself- only made 500 times larger for the shoot!
Those giant hard boiled candies handed out as a Valentine's Day complimentary gift, only in a bright pink, an edible size and Mulberry's personalised imprint- logo and brand name

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