Thursday, February 24, 2011

body of work

today i started my hsc art body of work/ major work! how exciting :) 
it's essentially going to be on four MASSIVE different sized canvases, each representing ... different parts of a journey.. i won't go into my concept now
today i started with my 3rd panel which is going to be an extremely large etching- i don't have the dimensions yet but the height of it is half my height and covers an entire art desk (and art desks are so much larger than normal ones!!) 
So today i printed off a picture of my friend (who is going to be my model for my major work) and then blew it up over 3 A3 pieces of paper and preped my asatate! so starting 2morw i can started drennelling and etching!

the picture really doesn't do the size justice.. because the asatate is clear, you can't see the edges (which have been cut off in this picture)
also the yellow line is just the reflection of the light.. not anything else

1 comment:

AK said...

very cool! can't wait to hear about it from you!

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