Sunday, February 20, 2011

post hell - aka. post high school

this is all of course IF i get into the uni that i want
currently, on the list there's:
high standards i know

IF i don't get into any of them though i plan on:
1. taking year off
a. learn to surf
b. learn to sew
c. learn to speak french and italian and spanish
d. learn to ride a motorbike
e. get a car
2. travel
a. see my first post
3. meet a rich southern gentlemen who's so rich that he thinks $1000000 is cheap
a. marry him
4. set up my event managing company
a. inspiration no. 1: jung lee's fete ny
b. inspiration no. 2: preston bailey
5. years later, set up my own shoe company
a. by shoes i mean high fashion 6 inch heels
6. buy lots of property and  invest that way and make lots of money

IF by some miracle everything does go to plan.. then all of the above will have to be postponed for about .... 5-10 years
which one do i want more?.............
which one do YOU want more?

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