Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fairy Tales- Snow White

I have the biggest obsession with fairytales- always have, probably always will! So it was a delight to hear that there was not one, but TWO versions of snow white coming out next year! They both look really good in very, very different ways! which one do you think will be better?

to be honest, there's been more hype about Snow White and the Huntsman- mainly because it's a twisted version of the original fairytale, it's more dark and it has chris hemsworth and kristin stewart! but Mirror Mirror also looks good in that i feel that the costumes will be more beautiful and the set more extravagent, and plus it has julia roberts- who is the best actor in the world!!!!

nevertheless, i will definitely watch both and then ill decide for sure which i like more ;)


1 comment:

Joyce said...

I think both will be great! One will be funny and the other will be really interesting, I will watch both and then see which I like better :)

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