Saturday, September 3, 2011

Valedictory Dinner Post III

So this will probably be my last post on the valedictory dinner and the issue with the dress- but basically my bcbg dress has arrived!  and as predicted it's long - so, i shortened, but it's still tricky because sometimes i think that the length is still too long but then sometimes i think its too short- i just can't get the balance right
it also makes my hips look huge, and also i know for a fact that everyone else will be wearing a sleek maxi- mine is the complete opposite: a short and ruffled dress

a back up dress from zara- pretty, less 'loud' than my bcbg dress, and basically 'safe'
what do i do?

1 comment:

i.r. said...

Blue dress all the way! The other one makes any girl look like a Sesame Street character:)

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