Friday, July 29, 2011

Armour Ring Jewellery

Getting a couple silver ones myself just because i loooove them so much :) asos has some really nice ones and ive ordered in 2 and i can't wait till they arrive! but i also know that topshop has equally cheap, and brilliant ones and vivienne westwood has the most amazing one but that is wayyyy too expensive for me to ever be able to afford
also i'm really into metallic silver nailpolish at the moment which i bought a while ago actually from witchery! so keen to put them together and see how they look 

1. Topshop Armour Ring: £16.00
2. Topshop Armour Ring: £14.00
3. Silver Armour Ring: $65.00
4. ASOS Statement Articulated Metal Ring: £15.00
5. Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring: £150.00
6. Silver Pointy Ring: $50.00

1 comment:

Mindy Erazo said...

ooooo these rings are amazing! love love.


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