Saturday, March 5, 2011

Art Body of Work Cont.

for art i need to take some underwater photos..
but there are a number of obstacles:
1. i need an underwater camera
solution: im thinking about buying one of those disposable ones which cost like $9.. so even though the quality is bad, that's not really too much of a worry because i'll be etching/ painting it again
2. i need a beach/ ocean which isn't too deep but deep enough for i want it to be .. like around 5-7 metres deep
solution: my friend recommended shelly beach in manly and it seems perfect- the water is clear as well and really calm because it's in a little cove- like area
3. its way too cold to get into the water
solution: tomorrow will be 20 degrees which is the hottest it's going to get nowadays .. so if i want to do this.. it will have to be this weekend..

Shelly Beach, Manly

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